Re: Hannibal’s Watch

We’re aware that our post on Hannibal’s Patek Philippe may no longer be accurate, thank you for all your messages!

Unfortunately our team are all very busy at the moment, so if you have any information please submit it to us and we’ll credit you for the find!
[hi-res promo photos here]

P.S. We also have a number of items we’ll hopefully be releasing over the next few weeks, including items owned by the Vergers :D

Chroma Type 301 Chef’s Knife (P-01)
As seen in Hannibal’s kitchen

Designed by F.A. Porsche. 10” Japanese 301 steel, ergonomic handle. 
$125 / £74 Available here at
(Found by brainsattract)

Brooks Brothers Houndstooth Mockneck Sweater
As worn by Hannibal in S02E07

Three-ply Scottish cashmere. Genuine leather pulls. 
$998 / £595 Available here at

Hello, this is a wonderful idea, I've been doing some research myself and have found a few items that I'd love to share here, how should I do it? (I'm not on Tumblr) Thank you! (asked by Anonymous)

Hi! That’s great to hear, please submit your finds here :) 

Nike Team Poly Square Leg Swimsuit
As worn by Hannibal in S02E05

100% polyester. Front lined. 
$52 / £31 Available here at

Will you guys be continuing into season 2? (asked by Anonymous)

As much as we’d like to, our admins are all busy with “real life” and so updates on here will probably be fairly sporadic. Sorry :(

Having said that…

MERCH MONDAYS at Wear the Rude

This week we have these fantastic temporary tattoos by deducktion at Storenvy. Featuring some imagery from the show including Will’s clock and some popular Hannibal-fandom memes these tattoos will suit any fannibal! They last up to a week, are easy to apply and are safe for all skin types. 

$12.94 for a sheet of 15 temporary tattoos / Available here

do you still have merch mondays? those were pretty cool features but i haven't seen any in a while... (asked by Anonymous)

We do and our apologies, this blog has been a little dead lately due to “real life”. We actually do have something planned though and seeing as it’s Monday we’ll post it for you within the hour :)

(Thanks for giving us a poke!)

Flambeau Creel Bag
As used by Will Graham in S01E10

Cotton seed flax construction. 
$17 / £11 Available here at
Found by apartment-221b

Monogram ‘ZGU366NPSS’ Professional 6 Burner Gas Rangetop
As seen in Hannibal’s kitchen

36” width. Stainless steel. 120 volt electronic ignition.
$3,899 / £2556 Available here at